Auto-Bin™ is designed for farmers & elevators to protect their grain

Hotspot Alerts

Temperature cables

CO2 Alerts

Protect your grain

Energy Use

Fan runtime metrics

Grain Camera

Less climbing bins

Bin Level

Grain inventory monitor

Fan Automation

Weather-based aeration

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Mobile app & alerts
Fan control
Energy use metrics
Temperature cables
Moisture cables
CO2 monitor
Bin level
Grain camera
Easy to use mobile app

Your grain bin
in your pocket

Auto-Bin™ allows you to keep tabs on your bins without having to check them in person. The run history lets you know how much the fan's run, giving you insight on your bin's progress.
  • Control your fans from your phone or computer
  • Automated fan routines based on weather
  • See grain temperature, CO2, inventory & fan amps
  • Get hot spot alerts to protect your grain
  • Get fan runtime logs & energy tracking metrics
  • Use Grain Cam to keep eyes on your grain or site
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How to recondition soybeans with Auto-Bin

See the full case study & learn how to recondition soybeans & increase your ROI with a proper bin monitoring system
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